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Praise for Lying Together

"Cohen's language remains as journalistic at the end as it was at the beginning, but when she's describing the Dostoyevskian decline of her romance, her tale becomes simply riveting. Which raises a curious question: are the great Russian writers really novelists? Or might they just be gifted journalists, uncannily skilled at recording the irrational realities of their perverse land?"

— Liesl Schillinger, The New York Times, 9/26/2004 (see full article)

"[a] fascinatingly moving memoir ... an engagingly intimate voice... The story of their ill-fated relationship is told against a backdrop of incredible political upheaval and peppered with a cast of characters as extraordinary as those in the court of Versailles."

— Caroline Leavitt, The Boston Globe, 9/19/2004 (see full article)

"Business meets sex meets pleasure meets danger meets their mutual love of the journalistic hunt. It's a heady cocktail.... a quick, juicy read. All in all, she offers an interesting, if dark, account of the strange and dangerous places intemperate passions can lead us."

The San Francisco Chronicle, 9/12/2004 (see full article)

"Throughout Lying Together, Cohen puts us in her head, and it turns out to be a good place to be. .. [S]he's a true journalist – when the ruble craters, when the politicians are going wild, when Russian civilization seems headed for the porcelain convenience, the adrenalin kicks in and she's overwhelmed with energetic exuberance. Her life may be crashing, but a great story is a great story. And a good book is a good book."

The Palm Beach Post, 10/11/2004

"Using her journalistic skills, she ably captures readers' interest in
the opening paragraph of each chapter, then continues to flesh out her story. Though she covers less than a year, this intense period in her life is so colorfully described that it feels as if much more time has elapsed. Recommended for public libraries."

— Gina Kaiser, Library Journal

"Her love affair, both with Kevin as well as her work in a dangerously fragmented land, is written from the heart. She turns her journalistic eye inward and reports upon herself with scalding honesty... Jennifer Beth Cohen opens herself with every sentence and buried within the descriptions of each incident lay the Russian face with which she came eye to eye. Lying Together, My Russian Affair is an intimate book because she shows us Russia by baring both the love and the scars left her by a dangerous land."

— John A. Mangarella, (see full article)

“Sharp, fast-paced … a fascinating glimpse inside the world of newsgathering and of contemporary Russia.” 

Publisher’s Weekly

"Riveting. The love story is wistful, funny, and wise, woven into a moment in history, also seen with a candid and revealing eye. This is an original-a fresh voice, a great read, a memorable coming of age story."

—Carol Gilligan, author of The Birth of Pleasure and In a Different Voice

"Cohen writes fearlessly about love, betrayal, and self-discovery. . . . Anyone who has fallen for the wrong person, or sought adventure, will be captivated by this tale of a young woman learning to become herself amid the swirls and intrigues of Moscow."

—Michele Mitchell, author of The Latest Bombshell

"Reading Jennifer Cohen's memoir is like reconnecting with a dear
friend-- your funniest, smartest friend, to be exact -- you hang on her
every word as she relates to you with wit, charm, emotional honesty, and
vivid cultural perspective how she fell under the spell of a man and a
country without completely losing herself in the process. (OK, she does
lose herself for a bit, but she finds herself again). Her characters are at
once familiar and new, drawing us into a world where Soviet mystery, giddy
email exchanges and a knowing description of slurping down a Starbucks'
cappuccino can live happily on the same page, nay in the same paragraph. In
short, Cohen deftly acquaints us with the exotic without abandoning us in a
world devoid of what is characteristically American: The cavalier manner in
which we can learn to embrace the new -- as long we can take our endearing
optimism, rugged romanticism and gourmet coffee addictions with us."

—Tula Karras, Senior Editor, SELF Magazine

“In my 10 years working as a magazine editor, I have received countless unsolicited manuscripts. Jennifer Cohen is the only writer I can recall who actually got published on the strength of one. Her voice is strong, straightforward, and candid, and she has a gift for capturing the pivotal moments and conversations that make up a life."

—Sadie Van Gelder, Former Articles Editor, Allure Magazine