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This book started as an idea for a screenplay that my friend Jenny Weiner Trewartha and I hatched just after college. Since then, the story has shape-shifted, been shelved, been resurrected, floated around, and-at various points-haunted me. It would not be here now, in your hands, without the support of many people.

Thank you to all of my friends and family, who have read, edited, cheered, and lent shoulders. I cannot possibly list everyone, but special acknowledgements are in order for Tula Karras (whose talent as a rap lyricist should be legendary by now), Jennifer Howze, Maureen Pao, Donna Oetzel, Alex Zapruder, Caroline Kenney, Erica Perl, Carrie White, Bronson Hoover, Julie Ziegler, Jan Trasen, Dan McGirt, Sasha Gottlieb, Susan Shreve, Elizabeth Shreve, Daniel Cohen, Stephanie Cohen, Christina Willis, Daniel Oko, Annette Oko, Ben Oko, and Helen Dimos.

Thank you to my agent, Stephanie Rostan, who has stood by me, inspired me, and been a calm source of encouragement for many years.

My parents, Sue and Arnold Cohen, have always been fountains of love, wisdom, and humor. I am so grateful.

The publishing of this book was made possible partly through funds generated by a Kickstarter Campaign. I was floored by the outpouring of support, and I owe a special debt of gratitude to Vivian Bower, Charles Barnett and Maureen Pao (again!), Annette Oko (again!), Joie Chen, Eric Soloway and Nicole Alifante (again!), Rick Zednick, Caroline Kenney (double thanks!), Julie Ziegler (again! Julie, Girl Puppet sings for you!), and my parents (again!).

I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who believes in me and supports my desire to chase this peculiar career path. And I am simply blessed to have two young kids who already know how wonderful it is to read and write. I quote the card my son made in kindergarten: "My mom is a good mom bcus she rote books." Thanks to all of this support, I intend to write many more.