"Jennifer Oko's GLOSS is a very funny novel set in the parallel universe of morning television. Filled with details and gossip about what really goes on behind the cozy coffee-tabled sets of the national morning shows and the people who host them, this story of a young producer caught in a web of journalistic ethics and political intrigue is both about—and written by —an insider who has lived to tell the tale."
Laura Zigman, bestselling author of
Animal Husbandry and Piece of Work
"Filled with entertaining details about the battle between style and substance on morning news shows and featuring an endearing hero, the sharply written and deliciously acerbic Gloss is a rare treat."
The Chicago Tribune
USA Today picks GLOSS as a "hot summer read!"
USA Today (see the article)
Pick of the Month! "GLOSS reminds us of another tongue-in-cheek mystery: Carl Hiaasen's LUCKY YOU."
Marie Claire Magazine
Outstanding FIRST Novel! "Jennifer Oko, a real life producer for "CBS News' The Early Show," has created an alter ego in a fictional world. With the knowledge and insight of someone who knows how television programming is created, Oko gives a strong taste of the real life grit and glitz of "live" TV. While the network and its employees are strictly fictional, they have quirks that feel as if they must have come from true-to-life examples. Her own news background lets her demonstrate the complexities of journalistic ethics and the intrigue of insider politics while creating a story that was a lot of fun to read. Some of the on-air but behind-the-scenes action were truly hilarious, but seemed real to me as a former employee of a public television station that occasionally put staff on as part of fund-raising broadcasts.

This novel is Jennifer Oko's first, following a memoir written under the name Jennifer Beth Cohen. I hope she writes another soon."

Beth Cummings, for
Christian Science Monitor Reader's Pick! "After finishing Gloss by Jennifer Oko, I felt as if I had finished a dish made up of fresh, seasonal ingredients that filled me up without slowing me down. The story follows morning news show producer Annabelle Kapner's adventure from dissatisfied New York network climber to rebellious global changemaker. This satire hit the spot for me."
Beth Wren Boone, The Christian Science Monitor
"A little behind the scenes look in how things are done in the high stake, high pressure world of television news... in particular the world of morning television... (It's) a great read in its own right just as a novel, and in addition to having a fascinating storyline, gives us a behind the scenes look at what happens in these places... It's a romp. It's a cool read. But some of the observations that occur in here, I have to say, they definitely strike home."
Jim Bohannon, The Jim Bohannon Show (June 7, 2007)
"(A)s soon as I read the prologue of this book, I fell in love with the prose. It draws you straight into the story where you're an active participant, more than just an onlooker. It felt as if I was inside the book. You know, we all love to feel like that while reading a novel. And it didn't just stop at the prologue, it carried all the way through the book, engaging me in the story to the point where I felt like I had an invested interest in both the hero and heroine that extended beyond the time it took me to read this book. They weren't merely characters in a book; they were friends I saw through hell and back....

This was a damn good book that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone. Seriously, it was good, candidate for favorite book kind of good. This one gets a 5/5 from me." (full review)
"9 out of 10," says one of the world's most prolific reviewers.
Harriet Klausner (according to TIME, one of the world's most influential book reviewers) gave GLOSS a 9 out of 10 on
"FIVE STARS. This is one book you have to keep checking to make sure you are reading fiction. The story is engrossing and you consistently are rooting for Annabelle and hoping for everything to turn out right. This story is fast paced, riveting and one you just can't put down, with an insight to morning news programs that gives you a whole new way to look at them while having your morning coffee and muffin."
Affaire de Coeur Magazine
"How Annabelle gets out of jail and gets her boyfriend back is the rest of the book, and it's a fascinating, wry send-up of the television morning news industry by a network insider. Jennifer Oko has a sharp pen and a sharp sense of humor. If you like the inside scoop mixed with scandal and lots of little secrets, GLOSS is the book for you!"
"(T)his intriguing story of a television network's love affair with itself, told through an innocent story that unfolds into a page-turning discovery of corruption that reaches the highest levels of political circles, is one not to miss..."
Gloss is Lit Chick's Pick of the Month!
"Comical, fast-paced and full of insider gossip, GLOSS is an entertaining read written by a TV new veteran who's now a producer for CBS's The Early Show. For anyone who has ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of news reporting, this book will fill you in and keep you entertained as one young producer becomes the star of the biggest story of the year."
"(T)his is one of the most entertaining novels I've read in a long time. This author gives a realistic, sophisticated view of network television, Washington politics, and the pendulum of the press. The dialogue is witty, the story is deliciously unpredictable and filled with plot twists and turns. Best of all, this is a completely believable novel about one young woman who turns many systems inside out with her candor, honesty, and loyalty to a cause. This is an exceptionally well-written book."
Jeri Neal, TRRC
"FOUR STARS. Often laugh-out-loud funny, but sometimes downright scary, this bigger-than-life romp will probably give more than one early morning news show staffer pause. Some of the characterizations--and complications--may be a little over the top, but readers will probably be too amused to take much notice."
The Romantic Times
“Oko's biting humor, a la Murphy Brown, makes this book very difficult to put down.”
—Debbie Campbell, The Book and Cranny
"Run, donŐt walk to your nearest book store and pick up your copy of GLOSS today. It is a do not miss for you reading enjoyment and a keeper for your bookshelves."
"Deliciously dishy!

Annabelle Kapner becomes the very news she reports when a harmless little human interest story about a beauty industry job creation plan for refugee women in the Middle East goes terribly out of control.

An insider's peek at the world of morning news television, DC politics and, of course, lip gloss, you won't be able to put GLOSS by Jennifer Oko down. Filled with tons of fun details gathered, no doubt, by the author's own experiences in morning television, you'll have a blast reading GLOSS, and not just for the guessing game of "who's really who" in the large cast of characters that inhabit Annabelle's world. A deliciously dishy and irresistible tale!"

Brenda Janowitz, author of
Scot on the Rocks
"Jennifer Oko's talent shines in her latest novel, GLOSS."
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Romance Magazine
"A humorous send-up of the TV industry and today's pop culture where fame is an end in itselfÉ Ms. Oko's eye is sharp and her pen as sharp, as she bares the quirks and flaws in an industry she knows from the insideÉ GLOSS is an entertaining, delightfully irreverent, and enlightening work of fiction."
Romance Reviews Today
"Wow! Oko writes a story that still leaves me shaking my head. This tale is deep, serious, and absolutely fulfilling... I would not call this book a romance. I think there is a much deeper message in this novel, one questioning scandal and personal ethics. I enjoyed GLOSS, immensely. I believe Oko will find herself the center of many discussions at the ideas presented in this novel."